Discover your dog's natural herding abilities in addition to learning to communicate with your dog and become a team.  Whether you want a chore dog on your ranch, a competitive trial dog or just want to make your dog happy on the weekends, e-mail us and schedule an appointment for your dog's evaluation and join the fun!   We offer private herding lessons on the weekends.  Our goal is to teach you to teach your dog the basics of controlling livestock, gathering stock, and moving stock from pasture to pasture. For those interested in competitive dog trialling, we will proceed on with the advanced techniques of navigating the trial course.

EVALUATIONS:  Are you wondering if herding is something your dog would enjoy?   Come see us for an evaluation.   We introduce the dog to goats in a small area to determine the dog's inner drive to work and his ability to gather and control the stock.  If your pup is 10 months or age or older, please contact us by email, [email protected]  to schedule your evaluation.   Cost is $40, due prior to your session.

RANCH WORK:   Instead of getting on your 4-wheeler or horse, why not send out your dog to gather your livestock for you?  Training your dog to help you move stock from one pasture to another and into a pen will save you hours of work.   You will learn about balance, pressure from you and the stock and the why's and how's to moving and controlling livestock.  We start our training on goats.  ONCE THE DOG WILL KEEP OUT ON THE PERIMETER AND DOWN, WE WILL BEGIN TRAINING ON SHEEP.   We have different-sized pens in which to progress.  You will first learn how to flank your dog to the opposite side of the stock, gathering all head and maintaining proper distance.  Once your dog understands balance, you will be ready to have him fetch the stock to you while you move through the pasture and later through gates and into pens.  Once the dog is understanding the concept of gathering, downing and moving stock in a controlled manner we move to a larger pen.

STOCKDOG TRIALING:  Are you looking for help getting your dog ready for trialing.  We will guide you through the basics of starting a dog and on to the finesse of competitive trialing, including your "down" anywhere on the perimeter, your inside flanks, longer drives.  You, as a handler, will learn how to handle your dog in the trial arena and also learn what the judges are looking for during a trial. 

PRIVATE LESSONS:  Private lessons are available on the weekends.  The cost is $200 per month which includes four 30-minute sessions.  Students are scheduled back to back so you will want to be on time in order to get your full session. Payment will be due in advance for the entire month and is non-refundabe unless class in cancelled by Beret Kennels. Please notify me one day in advance if you cannot come. Stockdog training is rewarding but hard work and must be one of your top priorities.  Bring your rain gear for the normal rainy days. SPOTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO ARE WANTING TO COMMIT TO A WEEKLY HERDING SESSION.

BOARDING AND TRAINING: Cost to board and train your dog on livestock is $50 per day.  The length of time varies depending upon whether you are simply wanting a chore dog or whether you want a trial competition dog.  Dog owners are encouraged to have a "come", "down" and "stay" prior to leaving your dog for training. 

BCs and LGDs